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ERIE AC&J Alco S2 #518

Erie Alco Switcher #518
First there was a Patriotic painted #518
 Erie Alco #518 Switcher Engine
Our Erie Railroad Alco S2 #518 was donated to the FCVRRHS by the AC&J Railroad of Jefferson, Ohio where it operated as the #518.  Its previous owner was the Cleveland Electric Illuminating Co. of Ashtabula, Oh where it also was numbered #518, but was painted in bicentennial colors in 1975 or 1976.  It had those colors until we acquired it.  Prior to its service with the CEI, it was EL #518 and originally Erie Railroad #518, which is how it now looks after we completed the lettering."

The French Creek Valley Railroad Historical Society received this engine and started the move to their property and complete restoration. This effort included raising funds for this enormous endeavor which included moving (see photos - click to enlarge), laying regulation track with special gravel bed, wood railroad ties and steel track plus striping and repainting. The result is shown on this page in several views - Enjoy!
AC&J Alco S2 #518 (Ex-Cleveland Electric Illuminating Company #518, Exx-EL #518, Exxx-Erie #518) is still waiting at Jefferson to be disassembled for the parts that the AC&J Railroad wants and to be shipped for painting before it arrives in Meadville to join Caboose #C356. She is to be fully restored to her original Erie Railroad livery. We look forward to bringing this addition to the FCVRRHS's collection of historic rail equipment. This project was completed.
The 518 was moved on Monday, September 24 and Tuesday September 25 2015. Preparations on the 518 were on Sunday, the 23rd. Crews were to meet at Walmart at 12:30 p.m. to go up to Jefferson, OH. The 518 was loaded onto Daily's Express's trailer after the crane removes the prime mover, generator, and other components, and switch out the trucks with AC&J's #107. Tuesday, the crane loaded the 518 and placed it on the display track after placing the trucks on the track. The work started in the late morning. The hood, doors, steps, and other parts will be assembled in the spring. Used air brake tanks are needed , as the 518's set were kept by the AC&J Railroad.

Progress was made with the Erie Railroad ALCO S2 #518. Over the spring and summer the cab was freshened up with a coat of black paint. Then several of the FCVRRHS work crew members painted the hand rails yellow, with John Snyder finishing up by painting the rear cab grab irons and the steps in the front of the #518.

The track panel extension at the display site was installed by WNYP Railroad crews on June 9. The next day, a FCVRRHS crew consisting of Tom Collard, Terry Martin, Bill McComas, and Tom Stewart spread a load of ballast that was delivered by Kebert's.

A WNYP Railroad crew led by track supervisor Rob Gilliland moved the #518 ahead with a front loader and a chain, with Terry Martin manning the handbrakes. Several other FCVRRHS members were on hand to witness the event.

Several plates of sheet metal were welded to fix the cab sides by Stan Niwa with some assistance from Jack Sheets. On August 27, a crew made up of Jack Sheets, Ed Cronin, John Snyder, and Stan Niwa conducted some more work on the #518. Stan had more welding to do, while Jack, Ed, and John rented a steam jenny from Lloyd's Rentals to steam clean the S2's trucks.

The signal mast and signal head was disassembled are sanded and was painted later. The members in attendance discussed the signal number that will be placed on the signal once it is erected. The decision was to number it as 518-2. The board then discussed the plans for a concrete base for the signal mast.
Moving the 518 - photos by Dennis Mead - Click to Enlarge
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